Authentic Design Services

My name is Coulette and I am the founder and owner of Across the Pond Interiors LLC. I graduated from Intec College in Cape Town South Africa with a Diploma in Interior Decorating and ReDesign. I am also a graduate of Ultimate Academy®. I am a Certified UltimateStager™, Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™ and Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™.

Across the Pond Interiors LLC offers fully insured, full-service Home Staging, Interior Decorating and ReDesign, and Feng Shui services. We are committed to providing friendly yet professional, custom and authentic design services.

As a Certified UltimateStager™, we help you maximise and accentuate the beautiful aspects and appeal of your home. Making your home desirable and market ready to potential buyers is a very valuable investment as only a small percentage of home buyers can envision the full potential of an unstaged home. We use a proven system that gets results in a professional, stress free manner and with the utmost respect for your home.

As a Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™, we provide practical, real-world solutions for your design project. Transform your preexisting interiors by creating functional, beautiful living spaces that reflect your personal style, lifestyle and personality and tell your story. A homes interior design style impacts mood, well-being, and level of energy. A well decorated home should exude positive energy.

As a Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™, we use the Western method of Feng Shui. It can help bring positive energy in to your home through harmony and balance using the principles of Feng Shui that are inspired by nature. Discover your life area in your home that represents your personal Chi energy. Implementing Feng Shui principles can mitigate negative energy. It contributes to mindfulness, wellness and awareness and involves being open to change.

Give Across the Pond Interiors LLC a call so we can chat about your project and explore your interests, answer any general questions you may have, and determine if there is a service we can provide you with and bring the joy of beautiful interiors to your home!