Home Staging

Consultation – an in-home room-by-room assessment as well as an in-depth analysis in a detailed written report provided at the time of the visit, of the interior and exterior of your property with recommendations and suggestions on what you as the home owner can do to make your home market ready.

Showcasing – a consultation with a written report, and a separate showcasing service where we utilise your furniture and accessories to maximise the potential of your home. This is a budget-friendly option.

Full Home Staging – an in-depth home assessment with a free full-service home staging estimate. Beautiful and appropriate accessories and/or furniture is brought in to your home to maximise the full potential of your home. Our accessories are hand picked and come from all over the world, of which some are fabulous pieces that are made by talented artisans from Zimbabwe and Africa.

Interior Decorating & Redesign

Color consultations – advise in picking the right colors for your home.

Online or in store procurement services – to ensure picking the right pieces to compliment your existing furniture and accessories.

Single Room Makeovers – a great way to freshen up a room and is a practical and budget friendly solution, using some of your existing furniture and collectables, while adding a few new pieces. This involves an initial consultation.

Full Home ReDesign Projects – using your existing furnishing and accessories to refresh you home and adding a few new pieces, or complete redo’s starting from new.

Eco-friendly decorating and redesign services – a consultation for advise on different ecofriendly solutions for flooring, paint, lighting, furniture and accessories, and plants.

Feng Shui

Consultation – a very personalised and in-depth analysis of the interior and exterior of you home with a detailed written report with findings and recommendations. This includes calculating your life area that represents your personal Chi energy.

Transformation Projects – once the consultation and written report has been discussed, and you would prefer for us to implement what is in the report and transform your space, we can provide you with a quote . This can vary tremendously due to the complex and diverse nature of Feng Shui. Each transformation is unique with a customised solution.